Attendance must be taken for all virtual students and submitted to the Wyoming Department of Education just like in-person classroom students. Virtual students are required to meet the time requirements set forth on #2 to receive attendance for each week. Virtual students will also follow the district calendar as posted on the website. 


Time Requirements

Virtual students are required to meet the following time requirements PER SUBJECT to be counted as "present" for attendance each week (M-F). 

  • ELA- 60 min. every day

  • Math- 45 min. every day

  • S.S. & Science- 30 min. every day

  • Electives- 30 min. twice a week


Parent Involvement

Parents/Guardians are the most important people in virtual learning. Without your support, students are unsuccessful. You are expected to help and monitor your children every day. You are expected to allot time to support the students through their assignments every day. Click below for more detailed information about your role (specifically pg. 3).

As the parent/guardian, you are responsible to ensure your child(ren) do not plagiarize or simply copy and paste from the Internet.